1 verb stopped, stopping
1 NOT MOVE OR CONTINUE (I, T) to no longer move or continue to do something, or to make someone or something do this: Stop, thief! | stop sth: Apply pressure to stop the bleeding. | You'll have to stop the generator, it's overheating. | stop doing sth: Lena's trying to stop smoking. | stop that/it spoken: Stop it! You're hurting me. | stop short (=stop walking suddenly) | stop and do sth: People stopped and stared as she screamed at him. | stop (dead)/stop in your tracks (=stop walking or running very suddenly) | stop (sth) at/outside/in etc: Jill stopped the car outside the post office. | stop on a dime AmE (=stop very quickly)
2 PREVENT (T) to prevent someone from doing something or something from happening: I'm leaving home and you can't stop me. | stop sb (from) doing sth: Lynn's parents tried to stop her seeing him. | there's nothing to stop sb: There's nothing to stop you calling her to say you're sorry.
3 END (I, T) to end or make something end: We'll go out when the rain stops. | stop sth: The referee stopped the fight.
(+ at): The road stops at the farm.
4 PAUSE (I) to pause in an activity, journey etc in order to do something before continuing: stop for sth: We stopped for a drink on the way home. | stop to do sth: Maya stopped to tie her shoelace. | stop to think/consider etc: It's time we stopped to think about our next move.
5 stop at nothing (to do sth) to be ready to do anything, even if it is cruel, dishonest, or illegal, to get what you want: Franca will stop at nothing to get a part in the film.
6 stop short of (doing) sth to decide that you are not willing to do something wrong or dangerous, though you will do something similar that is less dangerous: The US government supported sanctions but stopped short of military action.
7 STAY (I) BrE informal to stay somewhere for a short time, especially at someone's house: I won't sit down - I'm not stopping.
(+ for): Can you stop for a chat?
8 WALKING/TRAVELLING (T) to go to someone and speak to them or make them stop when they are walking or travelling somewhere: Someone stopped me in the street and asked the way. | if they try to get away, they'll be stopped at the border.
9 MONEY to prevent money from being paid after you agreed to pay it: stop sth from sth: Money for breakages will be stopped from your wages. | stop a cheque (=tell your bank not to pay the money)
10 BLOCK (T) also stop up to block something such as a pipe so that water, smoke etc cannot go through it
stop back phrasal verb (I) AmE to go back to a place you have been to earlier: Can you stop back later? I'm real busy right now. stop by phrasal verb (I, T) to make a short visit to a place or person, especially when you are on your way to somewhere else: Daniel stopped by the newsagent's on his way home. stop sth down phrasal verb (T) to make the hole in a camera lens (2) smaller so that less light gets in when you take a photograph stop in phrasal verb (I) informal
1 to make a short visit to a place or person, especially when you are on your way to somewhere else
(+ at): Let's stop in at Vera's on our way.
2 BrE to stay at home: I'm stopping in to wash my hair tonight.
stop off phrasal verb (I) to make a short visit to a place during a journey, especially to rest or to see someone: Shall we stop off somewhere on the way to Cornwall? (+ in/at etc): We stopped off in Santa Rosa for a day. stop out phrasal verb (I) BrE informal to stay out later than usual: Lizzie stopped out all night on Saturday. stop over phrasal verb (I) to make a short stay somewhere before continuing a long journey: The plane stops over in Dubai on the way to India. stop up phrasal verb (I) BrE informal to stay up late: Joe stopped up till 3 o'clock to watch the boxing.. 2 noun (C)
1 bring sth to a stop to stop something moving or happening: David brought the truck to a shuddering stop.
2 come/roll to a stop if a vehicle, an activity etc comes to a stop, it stops moving or happening: Work on the project has come to a stop because of lack of funding.
3 DURING JOURNEY a time or place when you stop during a journey for a short time: Our first stop was Paris, and then we traveled on to Marseilles. | make a stop (=stop somewhere while travelling): We only made two stops on the long drive down through France.
4 BUS/TRAIN a place where a bus or train regularly stops for people to get on and off: This is your stop, isn't it?
5 put a stop to sth to prevent something from continuing or happening: The new law should put a stop to this tax evasion.
6 pull out all the stops to do everything you possibly can to make something happen and succeed: The Bianchis had pulled out all the stops for their daughter's wedding.
a) a set of pipes on an organ (2) that produce sound
b) a set of handles that you push in or out in an organ to control the amount of sound it produces
8 CONSONANT a consonant sound, like, or
/k/, made by stopping the flow of air completely and then suddenly letting it out of your mouth; plosive —see also: full stop 1

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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